Sweet and Natural Goodness

Filtered Honey

Our pure and natural honey comes from a variety of sources that are always from USA and Canada.
We hope you enjoy our 100% pure honey’s natural sweetness.  A wide variety of floral sources gives each jar unique flavor nuances.

What if Filtered Honey Crystallizes?

Much honey bottled or packed by larger companies is heated to higher temperatures and filtered under pressure. This explains why it will not crystallize for a very long period of time. We heat our honey as little as is necessary to preserve as much natural sweetness as possible.

Our Honey is purely natural and never blended with other substances. Honey does not spoil and can be kept indefinitely at room temperature.

Even if honey crystallizes, it is still pure honey. If it crystallizes, putting it into a glass jar and then putting the jar into heated water will help it return to its liquid consistency.

Sweet and Natural Goodness

Other stockin's Apiaries products

Stockins Pure Pollen

Pure Pollen

Honey bees collect pollen from plants. It is stored in the beehive and used as food for the colony.

Stockins Honey Comb

Honey Comb

The purest form of raw honey is honeycomb right from the hive.

Honey Stix

Available in a variety of flavors, including Raspberry, Grape, Cherry, and Pure Honey.


Extracted from the honey comb, beeswax is a food grade, natural wax.

Royal Jelly

Also known as "bee milk", this is a protein-rich substance produced by worker bees.

Benefits of Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is highly nutritious
and extremely beneficial to humans!

Here are a few great reasons to use bee pollen daily:
• Increased Energy
• Weight Loss
• Allergy Relief
• Better Digestion
• Immune System Boost
• May correct specific nutritional imbalances within the body
• Relieves symptoms of type 2 diabetes
• Combats migraines
• Adds protein and essential amino acids to the diet
• Increased recovery after exercise
** Results may vary by person.